Sunday 28 July 2013

Island deliveries of kits and materials

With another order of okoume  marine plys to BS 1088 due to ship to a customer in Mauritius, it reminded me of some of the other islands we have shipped to from Cape Town.

The Marshall Islands, which was materials to refurbish a French made yacht around 40ft long. Johnston Athol, a Didi 38 kit, which included the mast, sails and engine, Honolulu, a Didi 26, come to mind. We also filled an order to Wilbur Smith when we traded as Commercial Lumber cc, was he building a house on an island in the Seycheles, I believe so.

Johnston Athol, this is as far away from Cape Town as its possible to find land, almost dead center and opposite Cape Town on the globe!
The fact is that with a global view of the map South Africa is central to the world, we are well connected with shippers and their agents world wide.

The Didi 38 kit being built on Johnston Athol, note the Yanmar engine, we shipped that also.

Plus its no more expensive to ship from Cape Town to California by sea than to move the same order from the east coast to the west cost of the USA by road.

Your order does not have to be for yacht and boats, we can normally source most materials, construction types also.


This is the latest island order shipment, it was collected today and will next be fumigated before being shipped to Mauritius, the top and bottom plys are pine exterior, the rest is okoume marine plys to BS 1088 standard.