Sunday 28 July 2013

Before we made boat kits they built the HMS Warrior

Yes and by a hundred & fifty years and more!

News in from George Dore, he is an expat from the UK but lives here in the cape also.
I have posted a picture of my own that I took when in Portsmouth myself, this shot is far better and the boat looks as if she had recently been slipped and painted?



    a friend living in London sent me this excellent photo of HMS Warrior taken at Portsmouth.She never fired a shot in anger. 


Warrior the first RN armour-plated, iron-hulled warship was built in 1860 had a two-cylinder trunk steam engine,  that drove a single propeller using steam provided by 10 rectangular boilers.During Warrior's sea trials on 1 April 1868  she had a speed of 26.08 km/h; under steam alone.The ship carried 867 tons of coal, enough to steam  3,900 km at 20 km/h.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

The ironclad was ship rigged and had a sail area of 4,497 m2. Warrior reached 24 km/h under sail alone. Her 26 ton propeller was designed to be hoisted up into the stern of the ship to reduce drag while under sail, the largest hoisting propeller ever made, it required 600 men to raise it into the stern. To further reduce drag, both of her funnels were telescopic and could be lowered. Under sail and steam together, the ship once reached 32.4 km/h, against the tide whilst running from Portsmouth to Plymouth.