Friday, 7 June 2013

How to build the Tammy Norie 16 from a kit

First you need the plans, Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats has agreed for CKD Boats cc to sell the licence for each new boat kit we supply and as an all in price package.

The building stocks are supporting the 12mm plywood hull shapes and prior to the center keel plank being shaped.

The notches in the hull shapes are the stoppers to take the 6mm marine ply planks.

This greatly simplifies the lay up the the hull planks!

The stem is laminated, in this case we supplied clear oregon pine, the shape is pre cut from 12mm ply which was left after cutting the hull forms.

Kits or fully built boats are now available in Cape Town.
Our kit includes the three sheets of 12mm plys to make the formers out, also the five sheets of okoume 5mm (five ply) marine ply to CNC the hull from. All CNC cut and ready for you to start on your own Tammy Norrie 16 rowing boat, it sails too!

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