Wednesday 24 April 2013

Tammie Norrie 16

This is the enlarged version of the original Tammie Norrie, as far as I know this is a first as Alec Jordan had to prepare the CNC cut files especially for this build.

Peter is a local specialist boat builder, it is he who will be assembling our kit for David the owner.

Check the hull formers, made from WBP 12mm plywoods.

We supply all materials to suit the buyers needs, in this delivery we supplied the three sheets of 6mm marine plys for the hull skins and three sheets of the 12mm WBP to build the boat around. We also supplied enough epoxy to build the boat with, 3M micro balloons and fumed silica to make filler paste from.

This shallow cut shows the builder where the center line of the panels are.

This sure takes a lot of effort out of such a build, imagine setting out and cutting by hand!

Able was there to help me off load.

I will be posting regular progress reports on this build.