Sunday 28 April 2013

The JoLon Imp reaches Port Said in Egypt!

Those of you who have any ideas of driving in Africa with their car need to seriously read this blog!

The route looks crazy in a car dating so old, just the standard 875cc engine and no
back up beyond what they took with them.

To get as far as Kenya was quite a task, it soon got a whole lot worse and the so called Road to Hell between Kenya and Ethiopia lived up to its name.

My thanks to the Herbiesworldtour web site for this wonderful picture!

If you want the full story and from the time they left Johannesburg you need to sign up to the Imp Clubs forum, its free.

They are now inside the harbour and next to the VW Herbie, waiting for a ferry to take them to Turkey in a day or so.

Todays text message says they board the ferry tomorow and at 13h00 and sail at 17h00, thats really a shame as they loose a whole day driving to Coventry.