Thursday 4 April 2013

Painting your boat with a Jenny Brush in Cape Town

What on earth is a Jenny Brush?

Simply put, its a high grade foam pad on a wooden stick! beware locally available similar brush sets, I have tried them and the foam expands and falls off the stick.

Some years back I read a report of a fair sized GRP yacht in the UK that had been professionally re sprayed, the finish in a dark blue was ok but the owner thought he could do better?

Some time later he buys some Jenny Brushes and with his lady applying the twin pack top coats with a brush, he followed on behind her with a Jenny Brush and removed all the brush marks which make the surface look so poor.

He was so pleased with results that he said his finish was an improovemnt on the pro spray job. With this in mind I have just made an arrangement for some sample Jenny Brushes and will be testing then out quite soon.

If we find they work, they may just become a stock item.

More on this later!