Saturday, 6 April 2013

Arusha, Tanzania, the JoLon Imp has arrived!

My mail to Grahame, editor of The Imp Club, reads below the picture of the JoLon Imp packed and ready to leave Johannesburg, South Africa, for London, England, overland.


Terence Tracey phoned me on his cell phone late afternoon yesterday, we are now in SMS contact and I have news that the Great North Road is a very hard one but they have made Arusha, which is the last large town in Tanzania and on the North East border to Kenya, Nairobi is to days target.

Terence and Geoff have possibly made this painting a reality!

Check your atlas to see just how far they have traveled!

Note, Zimbabwe was left out in favour of Botswana.

Distance4.COMJohannesburg and Arusha Location

Johannesburg is located in the South_Africa state of Gauteng at the longitude of 28 and latitude of -26.2. Arusha is located in the Tanzania state of Arusha at the longitude of 36.7 and latitude of -3.4.

Johannesburg To Arusha Distance

Distance between Johannesburg and Arusha is 2701 KM (kilometers) and 23.07 meters. Johannesburg is 1678.3 miles away from Arusha.


The cars engine is fine, some of the bothers are self inflicted, they had no time at all to test the car fully, they just had to leave when they did on the Easter
Thursday and into lots of traffic.

They want to go via Ethiopia, not sure why as its high up there and I see lots of mountains on my map, if they leave Nairobi and head North West to Sudan and Juba, it should be far flatter there. I spent a year in the Sudan and have been to Juba twice, flat and dusty is a good description!

Masai warriors with a Mk1 Hillman Imp, the picture is an archive one taken when the Rootes Car Co sent Imps to Kenya to do hot weather testing.
Anyway, they are probably more than half way up the African continent now, this is an amazing feat and I hope they can make Port Said, Egypt ok, the idea than is a ship to Italy?

I wonder can The Imp Club organize a support team as they pass through the various countries on the continent and heading West to London and Coventry, would this be an idea to post on the clubs forum, please advise.


Roy McBride

Cape Town