Friday 18 January 2013

The lost city of Hout Bay in South Africa

Well ok, its not yet a city and some say we would need a cathedral before that status was granted, if they do build one I hope its not near our beach.

Click on the pictures for a larger view and more detail.

Yesterdays picture and from close to the beach road just behind me, the sea is the other side of the buildings and the sand dunes.

Closer and with the Canon G11 tele lens in use.

Closer still, the police were trying to use the buildings but I think they have left now?

Whats this all about and what changed to allow this to happen?

Some years back, it may be 25 or so? the CSIR did a survey and decided that the best way to control drift sand from the beach was to reinstate the sand dunes which used to be there?

The HBYC committee were asked to approove this idea, it was put to them that it would not affect the yacht club which is just to the right of my picture above. Before this time we had one of the best beach sailing clubs in the country, Hobie and Halcats used to launch and park their boats right in front of the yacht club.

Soon we had a small sand dune in front of the club, the hard standing and car park was fast disapearing, soon the club itself was vanishing and eventually only the very top of the HBYC double story yacht club could be seen as you sailed into the bay. Today the sand covers the road after most of our normal summer games, the sand goes part way up the main street too, homes close by are devalued and the weekly cost to remove this unwanted sand is taxing the rate payers pockets big time.

What now, no one will accept the cause or reason, its all in the HBYC minutes and with the names writen down there we should be able to name names?