Sunday 13 January 2013

The Governors Cup Race fleet returns

The race officialy finished on the 7th of this month, eight boats were shipped back to Cape Town on the RMS St Helena.

My thanks to  Bruce Salt, the photographer for this picture.

Part of the news statement from the race officials is below:
Governor Mark Capes presented prizes to the winners of the race at around 17:00,
Bill Leisegang the Race Officer and manager from False Bay yacht club commented on the race, “It could not have gone any better. everyone involved did an excellent job.
Julie George from the St Helena Yacht Club  thanked everyone who worked so hard from behind the scenes on the Island  as lots of people had been involved.
Eight yachts have now been loaded on board the RMS for their journey back to Cape Town (we are hoping to upload photos of the loading of the yachts in the next few days)
The remainder of the yachts will sail back to Cape Town and a selected few have sailed onto other destinations.

When you look at the picture ask yourself how it was taken, was it from a small plane, a helicopter or off the island headland as the ship steamed past!