Monday 21 January 2013

Teak cockpit table set

This was a regular item of production, seems we do not eat out in the cockpit any longer as we have made none for a while now.

Then a mail comes in from George, I have no idea where he is?

Hello Roy, I was admiring the cockpit table on your site. Do you construct these for customers? If so, I am curious to know what you would charge to make one for me. I have an Ericson 38 sailboat so, a 28 x 28 inch table would be in order. Thanks, George

That size is none standard, normaly we size them around 610mm x 610mm, so that makes the table 610mm long x 305mm when folded.

Price wise we are at R3500 per set right now, the support frame and hinge set to the pedestal is not included.