Sunday 20 January 2013

HBYC, finding our old yacht club building

Its not been that many years ( Feb 2002) since we sold and vactated the old HBYC club house on the beach in Hout Bay, the province bought it at a knock down valuation, which they did, there were two valuations, one was miles higher than the other, we were paid the lower amount of course.

I remember being one of the members on the upper and side stoep one early morning, Walter was there and so was Alan, who as the then commodore raised the new national flag for South Africa, how many years ago was that? nineteen years I think. Yes, I do have a picture of the event, where is it!

A 1967 Singer Chamois, we owned the car when the new flag was raised.

The beach front car park and looking at the HBYC club house front entrance!

The club house has today just vanished, disapeared, where the heck did it go? no, it was not demolished, the sand took it.

There will be pictorial evidence of the folly of listening to so called experts about the reintroduction of sand dunes on our beach line, when Google allows me to up load them that is.

Just to proove that the old HBYC club house still exists, here it is from the rear or road side.

This is,well was a very nice brick paved service road that ran behind the clubs car park and to the main car park outside the clubs fenced in grounds.

The property as it is today, wasted and inaccesable, why such waste of a valuable property? of course the same constant moving sand has wrecked the resale value of any home close by, we are talking about the width of the beach road, as private properties start on the other side of that road.

Later, I think the way to move the sand is to put it back where it came from, the sea, we need some tallented
possibly Dutch marine civil engineers, much as was done from Rietvlie to Cape Town Harbour some years back.

They need a pipe line into the sea, then with a sea water slurry pump, the sand is pumped out into the bay, this will take money but will do the job, the cost is worth the time and money, do we have an engineer out there? This could be a great use of Lotto money, the project could be permanent and provide labour in the area.