Monday 6 August 2012

Wooden boat transom tales

Seen here they boat look just like any boats, excepting the fact they are both wooden boats and one is larger than the other, they are not at all the same.

Picture taken on the HBYC marina July 2012 by R McBride

Henry Vink built and launched the Vertue as Aldebaren, it then became the boat that Noel sailed around the world when it was named Footloose. Tom Maben found it for sale in False Bay about six years back, he spent a good four years doing a total strip down and rebuild, then re named the boat Tale Teller, which could well be true.

The larger boat is still quite new, a Dix Design in ply/epoxy  was launched in 2000, now twelve years old but the smaller boat, it is a Vertue 26,was launched in 1934, so is now seventy eight years old, so just a mean sixty six years between the two!