Saturday 11 August 2012

The TBA Commodores present a gift at the Royal Cape Yacht Club

This one was quite unexpected , past Commodore Charles Paice, introduced Colin Davies to the TBA members, then Barry Woolf took over.

I doubt Colin expected to be introduced and none of us expected what
 was to follow.

This time it was the turn of yet another ex commodore, Barry Woolf, address the members.

Barry then gifted a model of a fully rigged sailing ship to Colin in recognition of his past works for the TBA.

Barry is a very popular and gifted speaker, he made sure we all gave a good round of applause to Colin.

                                                      THE END

Can this be, I somehow doubt this, we need a small steering group who are willing to to restart the TBA and with the assitance and help of the RCYC. We would then call the club our new home.

The TBA needs you, please stand forwards!