Thursday, 28 June 2012

Yacht 'She' on the wall inside Grainger Bay

This was one of our TBA get togethers, they were always so well set up and run, the entries often out numbered the available berthing space, so first come, first served and make sure you got that entry form in.

Picture by R McBride using a Canon FT film camera.

The yacht She is alongside Dixy Rollar, a Spray 35 in steel and now in Grenada, as we heard a week or so back.

The late Brian Bradfield owned She as long as I can remember, a design to Buchanen and in teak, even the decks plys were made from teak! then had teak laid over the teak ply. The Grainger Bay training section put on a wonderfull show for us, we were hosted really well that weekend.

Note, Yacht She was recently removed from the water and moved to an inside location, there the boat was stripped and basically rebuilt, Brian would be pleased to see that.