Monday, 16 April 2012

We are the TBA

Well three of those who are left, we used to get around forty boats per Easter Regatta, so we were many at one stage. The classic and traditional boats are still quite plentifull, so where did the people go?

 Colin is busy writing the history of the TBA, Gill is the secretary ,she even does shorthand notes! I am about to expand Colins first TBA History publication and if the interest was there, may even move the volume to Amazon, or similar, so it can be purchased on line.

Colin will have fifty (50) A4 sized bound copies published, thats a one off, I hope he has them numbered, when they are distributed there will be no more, contact me to book your copy. The issue will be packed with the story and pictures of members, plus the famous cartoons.

TBA burgees are still in stock, not many so book yours now!

The start of the Traditional Boat Association, came about when Alan Craxton of Ankon Boats, thought up the idea of a traditional club for those thinking the same way.

The idea was supported by SA Yachting and a drawing of one of Paul Johnstons Venus designs was published. The amount of favourable letters to the then editor Niel Rusch, soon had he and Alan proposing a trial meeting at the V & A Waterfronts Maritime Museum. Tom Graham, the Curator was the Chair, we soon had a meeting of around 120 people arrive. I became a founder member and also the first Editor,later on I also took on the role of Treasurer and  handled the regalia for the TBA at the same time.

The year was 1991,at the time we were told by doubters at the RCYC that it would never work, maybe they were correct, as now some twenty one years (21) later the TBA is about to be wound up.

Colin, Gill and Roy ( with Joey on my shoulder)

How hard that is (very)