Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Philps SBC 320 Rechargable Soldering Iron to live again

Jean bought this for me a very long while back,say thirty years or so? It was a great tool to have on board and just recently I have been trying to fix an old SSB. I need a low power soldering iron, the lowest value one the local store has was 45 watts, thats way too powerfull for what I need to do.

This really is a neat bit of kit, I used it many times but over the years the nicad batteries have lost all signs of power.

The case is really neat, the tool itself very slimline and not at all heavy, just the job for fine soldering work on delicate PCBs, there is a light too!

There are two nicads inside, with the voltage on the charger being 5.3 volts I expect the actual voltage to be 5.0 volts?

I know exactly where to get a new set, the store will install too.

The soldering iron and charger are in good shape.

The new batteries match the power of the old ones exactly. I have used the soldering iron a number of times since the re pack, its a very handy tool when its a small quick job.

Now re packed and back in use, the cost was R112, thats about U$13.00 only.