Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jordan Boats

We have just had a phone call from Alec Jordan, creator of Jordan Boats. This was in response from a client who in turn had asked Iain Oughtred to supply the CNC files to his extended Grey Seal design.

Wemyss Skiff

Iain and Alec pulling togther, thats a neat trick, as Iain was the designer and Alec the kit maker, I guess he may have built it too? The boats name is the Wemyss Skiff, find it here

For the extended Grey Seal we need the CNC files for, Alec already works with Iain and can do the cut files required, we in turn will be able to use those files for the agreed fee that our client will be asked to pay.

We can now offer the Jordan Boat kits in South Africa also.