Friday, 6 April 2012

Captain Dan explains the true meaning of S.H.I.T

Seen here at the Simonstown Naval Dock Yard, Dans Tike 38 build is a whole lot more boat than when he arrived there.

Store High In Transit (shit) read Dans words below.


We have officially been moved out of the Composite Boat Shed, as two Navy T-crafts have taken our place. We managed to make the most out our time...doing ...I'm not quite sure what! Any how the boat is almost water proof, hatches are sikaflexed in place and decks and fitting continues tomorrow.

Before we left I managed to ensure we used the gantry to lift the last heavy item - the cockpit.

The feeling of (real) boat life is growing stronger. Arriving at the boat the other day I found myself having to bail the bilges (after our stormy weather), clean bird StoreHighInTransit off the decks, and all inside the Composite Boat Shed. I almost thought of checking the water line for growth. All very long lost memories.

Sunburnt, I went back to Simons Town tonight to put some more straps on as the wind is getting pretty gusty. The heads have been left at home with the sails as I am worried if I install them they will get blocked! Meanwhile we continue to dream of cocktails on the aft deck, warm water and boating as other people know it. Sun through the hatches is good enough for now, and almost calls for an afternoon kip.

Dans Tiki 38 modular cockpit being lifted prior to moving outside the shed.

Picture and words supplied by Dan.

One of our larger kits, the order started out as just materials, clear oregon pine, ockume marine plywoods and epoxies, later the plys were CNC cut as Dan made progess, we can now off about 50 sheets of plys pre cut for this boat. 

Exciting day tomorrow as engines arrive (thanks Adrian) which I ordered in June last year. If he does not spend the whole day on submarines and Strike crafts I might get him to help me install.

I have waited almost a year to see the engines. If this is not exciting enough and you would like to Unsubscribe from these e mails please send something boat related to the value of R1000 to PO BOX 21597 Gardens.

Any day now. (Not the R1000 present - the launch!)