Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Simple begininings, the Optimist

Our first kit was the Didi 26, we have since done a number of those and of course built one and exported the hull and deck unit to the USA. The boat that followed was the Didi Mini Transat, lots of those went overseas, they are a very good stepping stone to bigger things I think.

The HBYC (hout bay yacht club) has just started a sail training course using these boats, why not enrole your child now, they run the training on a thursday afternoon around 5pm.

The one that fitted in with all the other boats was of course the Optimist, what a name, what a boat!
It was the first order of five kits from the Knysna Yacht Club that started the ball roling, they later took two more, so have a class of their own up there now.

Not one of ours, this is a moulded plastic copy which will not pass the required class rules.

Tee Shirts
The CKD Boats cc Tee Shirts were printed with an Optimist on the front, in a small size and on the back a Didi Mini Transat in a large size, the two boats rather state what we can do, small and large boat kits.

More Tee Shirts are to be ordered, place your order now, three sizes, small,medium and large, the cost will be around R75 each, which is around U$10 right now,postage will be extra and will depend where you are cost wise.

This Optimist was built from one of our kits, it will weigh no more than imported GRP boats, less most probably.

The optimist kit with the required builders jig.

Check the link for the full story on this kit.