Thursday, 8 March 2012

Class Mini 6.50 kits

We have been asked twice in recent weeks will a Didi Mini Transat be class legal? The design known as the Didi Mini Transat was conceived by Dudley Dix as a starter way to get yourself on the water and racing.

Roy McBride photos at RCYC.
The boat had just been renamed as SCM when a sponser was found, it was lauched as Warlock.

Warlock, later SCM was the first Class Mini 6.50 built to the Didi Mini Transat design, it was built and launched here in Cape Town, CKD Boats cc supplied and built the kit, one of two done.

The rudders and dagerboard are now CNC shaped and supplied as an extra, either as blanks or epoxy and glass cloth finished. That alloy keel foil was made locally and we hold the mould to the lead ballast keel, we can ship world wide.

This is the second Class Mini 6.50 we built, boat number 447, Running With Scissors.

Classe Mini 6.50 in French, Class Mini 6.50 in English.