Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Optimist kit from CKD Boats cc

These have been good sellers,they cost more than say a Dixi Dinghy due to the strict class rules but at least you have the fun in building your own race boat and its still less expensive than buying a GRP option .


Dry assembly and in the builders jig,that can be used a number of times if your a club,saving cost on the rest of the fleet.

 Note the two temporary bulkheads,they need to stay in place untill you have fitted the inner and outer side rails.Removal now will mean the boat will close up and not measure correctly.The bulkheads are part of the kit we supply,as is the rudder and dagger board.

Hi Roy,
Good progress so far and quite pleasing to see it out of the jig. Please see attached photographs.
I have almost completed the teak/epoxy fillets.  Not the prettiest of jobs but I hope that I can neaten this up with a more appropriate filler before painting.
 As always, I welcome your comments.
Best regards,

The graded teak wood dust is now kept for none slip deck finishes and
we now supply 3M micro balloons and fused silica to use as a fillet and filler paste.Being white and very light they are easier to handle and also to sand smooth.


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