Tuesday, 17 January 2012

KD 860 catamaran made larger,is for sale

The KD 860 in feet will be about 26.5 feet only,thats not a large boat,space wise,even if it will do what you need.

A customer bought a set of kit materials from us some while back,then a second set of  9mm marine plys,I wondered why? He took the design to 32 feet,thats much nicer.

Note,the grahics and photo are from the builders web site,he is building to re sell,please contact me for details.

 Top quality materials have been used,we know this as CKD Boats cc have supplied them.

The new boat building yard is in Pretoria,South Africa,road delivery inland or to a port can be arranged.

The boat can be bought as is for owner completion.

R Mc B

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