Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Donella days

Donella was a Laurent Giles teak built cutter,about 44ft long,built in England and featured in the Douglas Phillips-Birt book Sailing Yacht Design and on page 192, as a black and white plate photograph (Beken and Son) with sail number 655 she was as fine a boat ever cruised.Thats Christian Ekoff in the blue,sitting on the walls and taking his own picture of the visit.Last I heared he was in North Island in New Zealand.

Picture by R Mc Bride,the camera was Canons FT film camera using Kodaks Ektachrome proffesional slide film.

We cruised from Salvador,Bahia,up the river in company with Donella,she was German flaged and had a family of five on board,being the Ekoff family,ex South Africa, as we were on the yacht Brer Terrapin. We found a suitable over night stop,then had a breakfast break at this small inlet.
We were then hosted by the owner farmer with a early morning selection of his own range of alcoholic fruit drinks,that was  great way to start that day! 

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