Friday, 16 December 2011

The Stornaway mast building,continued.

I have now glued up the main mast sections,we need a 60x 60mm and some 4150mm long spar,too long from the clear oregon pine in stock,so I did some taper scarphs,240mm long,thats 1 to 8 which is a decent size.

The new mast required a special long bench building,I used 32mm MDF (supawood) its really heavy to set up but does give a nice flat surface.

Only use a phenolic resin glue for masts,we normally have it ex stock should you need any.

Christian has built his Stornaway from plans,we can CNC cut the same boat if required.When it came to the mast and spars set,it was felt outside help on those would better allow progress on the hull build.So we are making the spars.

Hi Roy – sounds like fun! I am all excited this side. I am not sure I would have had space for it at my place! Boat is filling up the garage at the moment.

I have been making some progress myself in the meantime: Sheathed half the hull over the weekend. Hoping to do the rest tonight (family is away for a while – so there is a bit of leeway to get some work done!).

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Christiaan will be using the International Paints we supplied to finish his boat,this will ensure a very long life when properly applied.

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