Sunday, 11 September 2011

Speak up for your self,how hard can that be.

My Goodman Mezzo 2 speakers have been working really well,then a while back I noticed a slight side noise on one speaker.I tried new 1.5mm multistrand wires,cut to the exact length of  5mtrs so as to balance the pair,the ends were also hot soldered as well. I also tried changing the feed wires over on the Sony amplifier,the noise just changed speakers,so one was faulty,can you blow one of these superb Goodman speakers in normal domestic use,I doubt that?

To inspect start with the rear cover,you need to remove the back covers external screws,there are 12 number 6 six sized  x 1 1/4" long posi drive headed ones on these speakers,make sure they are a tight fit when you re fit them,a match stick often sorts out a loose one.

While the sound output was probably better with the new wires,the noise was still there,it was sort of a scratching sound.
Was a wire inside between the two internal speakers loose? the only way to find out was to have a look.

I normally keep this set to its mid way point,whats on the otherside,lets have a look.

Wow! thats a lot of gizmos,I must check Google to find out what they all do?

Large Woofer and Tweater speakers.

This is Little and Large,the larger speaker has some impressive magnets on the back of it.
Checking the fixing nuts on both speakers,I found they were all loose to some degree.The smaller ones are 1/4"and the larger ones 7/16",so you need an imperial set of spanners. Note there was a thick pad of 3" foam over the speakers,do not forget to put that back!

I ended up checking both speakers out,I think the service worked and I can hear clearly now,so folks do not be scared to try things for yourself,how hard can it be?


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