Tuesday, 5 July 2011

When is a car old?

Brian,an Imp Club member down in New Zealand asked me last week when does a car bcome old? not  a bad question,I would like to think old in this case means when it can no longer do what it once did and becomes useless.

This is the underside of a Hillman Imp and the hand brake assembly,the parts are either new,as in the cables or recycled such as the cross bar and springs,the hand brake will of course now work as it was when new.

The same cars front suspensions,new poly bushes fitted in the center pivot arms but the Armstrong original shock absorbers are quite ok and have been beed blasted clean,then black smooth Hammerited with a spray gun.The steering rack was fitted with a new rubber gaiter made for the Imp Clubs Spares department.Thats a new stainless brake hose hanging there too,that will be fitted to the new disc brakes soon.

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