Friday, 22 July 2011

Spigot bush tool

Quick one this,you can center a spigot bush to an output drive shaft by eye,well I can but the easy way is to use and old output shaft,some clutch kits like those on the Fords have a neat plastic tool,thats worth a lot when the engine is going back in!

Whats on the other side you may ask,check below.

The set up loose,the red spigot tool is a Repco made one,its not off this cars clutch,just an idea to let you see what can be easiliy made should you have access to a lathe.The clutch plate is in the correct position to fit to the flywheel,some have 'This face to Flywheel' but its best to check in the workshop manual.The bronze bush is just there so you can see where it fits,which is in the end of the crank shaft.

A lightened competition flywheel.

Its simple stuff like this that can make you work like a pro,this engine went into the engine bay and located on the transaxle just great.


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