Sunday, 17 July 2011

Around the world with our boat plans and kits

The idea was to sell locally,which was the case,number one kit was a Didi 26,that went to Joburg,then came a request to supply a kit and build it,this was the Didi Mini Transat,then while that was being discussed a second order,then just as the dust was settling in our new premises,an export order to the next Didi 26 came in,that was later changed to a build as well.We were now boat builders as well it seemed.

This was about nine years back,my how the time flies and we have supplied materials or kits to some thirty two countries now (32) it seems like we may add a few more flags to our list soon,last week enquiries came from,New Zealand,Mayote,USA,Finland,France,Chille,England and Canada,there were others too but they never said where they were.

So whats this all about? well the first word must be service,without which we can not connect and without our long list of suppliers and forwarders we can not supply or ship.To me a fast response to an incoming mail often brings a favourable comment on the speed of reply,do some companies not do this?

So here we are,soon to be into a decade of selling and shipping boat kits and materials,I have lost count of the numbers long ago but a check of our plans files suggest we have at least thirty five boat designs on our books.Which start with the Optimist dinghy right up to a DH55 cruising catamaran,with anything else in between.It may be time to add your countries flag to our growing list?

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