Saturday, 2 April 2011

Where is Cape Town?

Where indeed,lets face it the name Cape Town is an odd one,we are used to it but the first time I heard it I did wonder about it and why it was named so,its not a name one would forget,unless you also have to ask where in South Africa?

I was in my home town named Maghull,it was once a village but urban creep from greater Merseyside,or Liverpool to give it its proper name soon spread further and further and while once I was thought a little strange not to have a proper scouse accent,I was nick named Maghull at work in Liverpools Dryden Street factory at Tysons,a large building contractors,I now find that everyone in Maghull speaks with a very broad Scouse accent,such is progress!

My trip to the UK was to see my elderly mother who is now in a very good care home named the James Page House,the place is spotless and the grounds large and well run,my mother is well thought of and gets really good attention,this includes food of course and was an issue I had also to address.

Hake and Chips for one.

We still have the family house and thats where I stayed,a trip to Morrisons supermarket saw me stock up with the basics,bread,butter,cheese,coffee,milk and some easy to prepare pitza's,which where a lesson on what not to spend my money on,if it was not for the garnish of nice mushrooms I cooked in butter they would have been a disaster but we learn.

Then there was the local shop The Chippy,its in Dover Road and on my way home,day one saw me call in and order a portion offish and chips,at four pounds,it was a great buy and was more than I could eat in one go,each order is cooked for you while you wait,so its really fresh.The Chippy was to see me twice more and saved the day as far as eating was concerned.

Why the name of this blog,Where is Cape Town? on my last visit and while waiting for my order to be wrapped,I got talking to a girl standing next to me,she was mid twenties or so,I told her that I had once lived in Maghull but had emigrated to Cape Town long ago,where is Cape Town was her reply!

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