Friday, 1 April 2011

A new support vessel arrives in Hout Bay

I was away one week,a week to long,catching up took me two weeks,I am back on top I think and the blog stuff can restart.

This 30 meter alloy boat has three Catapillar engines and can do 30 knots but uses around 700 litres of fuel at that speed,she is on a delivery trip and will cruise at one third of maximum I was told.

Just in from Simonstown,the captain and one bridge officer are friends of mine,I told them I would be taking pictures of her arrival,thanks for the nice show guys!

The speed so close to the harbour is misleading,the Canon G11 was on part tele lens,bringing the subject closer to the eye,when she entered the harbour there was minimum wake.

Just check how little wake is behind this boat,not much that I saw.

Hout Bay Harbour entrance approach and slowing down.

They went to a fuel dock for the night,thanks for the arrival,its good to see such new craft being built in Cape Town.

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