Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Sonnet dinghy kit

This was started a few months back but needs a buyer to proceed past where we are right now. We had a visit from Bill yesterday and he may just be our man,Bill is a member of a dinghy club that has an active Sonnet class race fleet and it sounds as if they want to expand the fleet. So  we may be asked to produce the kits,which will make it a very easy one design to control,as all kits from CKD Boats cc will of course be exactly the same.


The Sonnet, of which more than 500 have been built in South Africa. The Sonnet was based on the stunning success of the very popular 12-foot Dabchick, a junior trainer that is fleet of foot, yet stable and great fun to sail. That class numbers more than 5,000, and it is still very active; every well-known South African sailor learned to sail and race on a Dabchick. The Sonnet was also derived from the 15-foot Tempo, aimed at the more expert sailor with trapeze and spinnaker.

The Sonnet is also an ideal boat for junior sailing

So we have progress,more than I had thought really, as Bill has the class rules and will try and tie up any loose ends in the transition from our original paper plans drawn by Jack Koper all those years back,then before we even cut the first boat, we will have agreeemnt with the Sonnet Association that our boat kit is correct and they will accept it. From Bills own build we will then have a set of  'How To' assembly pictures and a basic guide on building the Sonnet.

This shapely little rocket would make an excellent family winter project, not to mention a wonderful family dinghy. A dinghy with a history and horsepower that you can build yourself.


LOA 14'6" Sail Area 122 sq. ft. (main and jib)
Beam 4'6" Weight 188 lbs.

Info and pictures taken from the Imperial Yacht Club site here in Cape Town,my thanks to them.


Phone and fax on 021 790-3859
Hout Bay

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