Saturday, 17 April 2010

Steel Joiners or carpenters hand planes

From three countries and left to right:
Left click pictures to view full size
Stanley (bailey) Jack Plane #6,good for work on longer jobs and jointing,made in England. Salmens Jack Plane #5,similar to the above but a narrower blade and shorter body,made in Germany,plastic handle,damaged front knob,none original blade fitted (record). Macrome #1190 Smoothing Plane,owned by me since I started work,its inner body should be painted red,none original blade fitted(stanley)suitable for smaller jobs,made in England. Mulholland #19 small hand plane,original,circa 1900? made in Belfast,Northern Ireland,this is a gem of a plane! I also have a Record # 5 1/2 plane.

We can use some tools for all jobs but when it comes to planing wood,the right blade width and length of the plane can be important.
Note,the Stanley #6 plane used to belong to Pim Penso,ex commodore of the RCYC and a crew member of South Africas Tall Ship,the Lawhill,I have his original Diston panel saw also.

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