Friday, 21 August 2009

Whats packing,its the the Dixi Dinghy!

Dear Customers,

We continue to recieve your valued orders, we process, pack and ship,large or small we ship them all! the package in the picture is a Dixi Dinghy kit going to Eshowe,in Natal,South Africa but it could just as easy ship to Botswana, Dubai, or Italy,we ship world wide on a regular basis.We now have sent orders out in the hundreds if not a thousand plus,I have never worked it out but its a regular event and the orders keep coming in,we sent phenolic glues out yesterday to Standerton,Johannesburg, it was very cost effective with and ten kgs packed cost just R85,thats just over U$10, we have no problems with that service or charge at all.Todays packing has started on a hard spray dodger kit we are sending to Graham down in New Zeland,so on it goes.

We do try and supply a tracking number when possible but please remember,we are responsable for your order only untill it is posted or shipped,then the responsability moves to the carrier/shipper,all kit exports by air or sea are insured but at an extra service charge to the client.We have been asked once or twice about sending funds to us when we are so far away, we have now shipped to twenty four (24) countries,either as our boat kits,materials or recently the Hillman Imp,Singer Chamois,Sunbeam Sport exhaust manifolds,remember,if you have a project on ,we may be able to supply your materials direct to you cheaper than you can buy locally yourself?


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