Saturday, 8 August 2009

Cabedelo,Brasil,where is it?

Sunset at Jacare.

A waterside bar at Jacare,it can be quite noisey at night!

Cabedelo Nautica Ltda
Praia do Jacare, Cabedelo 58310-000, Paraiba, Brasil
Telephone/fax, email and mail holding service
or try Brian on and give him my regards,his cell number is +55 8399814048,thanks to Renata of Dixi Rollar for this information,she is a local girl from the area.


Jacare and the anchorage at Cabedelo Nautica,(brian stevens prop,) is at the very top of this picture and to the left hand side,the entrance to Cabedelo can easily be seen below,as can the long reef off the beach!

Simply put its north of Brasils large city Recifie and at a position of Latitude, 6.967º S. Longitude, 34.833º W. Please take great caution when entering this port as the beach off Cabedelo has a long reef that is low in the water,Cabedelos shipping channel is well marked with bouys,so once entering you just follow them in.The village of Jacare where Brian Stevens runs Cabedelo Nautica ltda, is some way up the river towards Joao Pessoa and south of the river entrance,use your depth sounder to find the deeper water,as the navigational channel moves from side to side of the river.

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