Sunday 21 June 2009

The Optimist is revisited

This is a series of pictures taken of a 'in house' build of one of our Optimist kits,boat number fourteen (14)at that time,the boat was built by Janet and Nigel in our garage at home,the idea being to replicate a self built kit boat by a customer,when the basic tub was glued together,I then took it to the CKD Boats factory and finished the trims and painting,the picture below shows a thin saturation epoxy coating being applied,prior to epoxy paint primers and polyurethane top coats.

Unlike some kit suppliers,our base kit includes all materials to make the boat up to the stage of the painting,its an all inclusive price and the materials list includes,plywoods CNC cut to size,wood to the class dimensions with shaping of the bow and transom stiffeners,rub rails and mast step block,all of which will require special tools otherwise.We also include the epoxy,glass tapes and screws.The required builders jig shown is sold seperatley,it can be used to build more than one boat,so try and find others to share the cost?

We again have export orders for more Optimists,two for this order,the more we ship the cheaper it costs for shipping due to a minimum charge hitting smaller loads,so bulking up the order,either with a second or more boat,that or adding the mast,sail,deck package,floats,bailer etc,makes it a far better value over all.Our kits are complete with a fourteen page illustrated assembly guide,we also supply a free CD for International Paints guide on paint application.At the end of the day,our pictures are the most help?

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