Wednesday 20 May 2009

That other ship America

In this case the huge 'US 66 America' aircraft carrier,a fantastic photograph taken in St Maarten,West Indies around 1994/5 by my good friend Notty,yacht Jacana,by then there was a half kilometer exclusion zone around the ship,so this telephoto lens shot he took was a near as he got,we were lucky to be invited on board in the years before.

I asked Notty to pin point the date that US America was there,this is as close as he can get,does any crewmember have the correct date for me?

The nearest I can pin down the time is by working backwards, we were outside Simpson Bay Lagoon at the time so must have been preparing to leave St Marten. We arrived in the Azores after a 25 day trip, well in time for my Birthday on 26th July where we held a little party so we must have left St. Marten sometime in June. So the shot was taken in May or June 1995.
There is no information on the slide to say which camera took it but I think it may have been Dion's Cannon using a standard 50-mm lens and normal film as my Cannon had grown algae on the lens by then.

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