Sunday 17 May 2009

Salvador,cruising up the river with yacht Donella

Left click any picture to view full size,all pictures are taken with a Canon FT 35mm camera and a 50mm lens,using Kodaks Ektachrome slide film and are the property of Roy McBride.

Donella at her best,Chris knew what he wanted and found her in the UK,went over to buy her,then returned to South Africa and entered the Cape To Rio race.

We took the advantage of a full tide to go up river.

Claudia,Anija,Christian,in that order.

We took a lunch break here and discovered a local farmer brewed his own liquers,it was a memorable tasting session!

We were on Brer Terrapin one early morning,going up the river to a small village named Magrogipie,with us was Chris and his family,thats Claudia (cloudy) having her morning coffee,this was cruising at its best!Donnella,an all teak build Laurent Giles design was lost some years back when she hit a reef in the South Pacfic,the crew were fine,the locals stole as much as they could from the boat but I think Chris mangaged to salvage a lot of the boats gear? the story was in Cruising World magazine.

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