Saturday, 2 August 2008

Didi Mini Transat kit ex stock

Two ply wood kits being prepared to ship to the USA,each crate contains one boats plywoods,the rest of the kit is crated and bundled individually.

I have personally built two of these boats,including this one,the build time for the hull only was just twelve (12) days only from one of our kits,which includes the boats interior materials and CNC cutting.

We tend not to keep our various boat kits as an ex stock item,space alone says we will have less and less of it (space) but one kit we have had on a regular basis ex stock,is the popular and fast Didi Mini Transat by Dudley Dix at we can ship given a weeks order time normally.I may be prooven wrong but I think we are the only company including the boats interior as well,this is the materials and CNC work to the Bunks,Water Ballast Tanks,even the Mast Step box,this saves weeks of fiddling about,as you just have to cut and fit it.


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