Thursday, 26 June 2008

Resolution 816 Epoxy information

Table Bay,Cape Town,Royal Cape Yacht Club yachts,in 1965 with Astra on the left

At least once a week we get a question or two about the epoxies we sell,what is it,is it any good,why is it less expensive than the others on sale? When I started the build on a Dix 43 about ten years ago,I took advice from the boats designer Dudley Dix and used Shell 816 epoxy,which since Shell Chemicals moved out of epoxies,has now been re branded as Resolution 816.Its a no nonsense type general purpose epoxy,it has many uses but the one we look at is its glue line and gap filling quality,it works so well that we romove all fastners from the build,then back fill screw holes with 816 epoxy and graded teak wood flour.Little Astra was literaly a sunken wreck,it was given to me on the understanding I fix her,so I skinned her with two layers of 4mm ockume marine plys and of course the glue was Resolution 816. Astra was repaired some ten years back now,she will be 74 years old now,she is also boat number 8 of possibly more than 1000 built.


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