Sunday, 11 May 2008

Bending Plywood by Superform

We have sold Bending Plywood for around two decades now,as the first importers (commercial lumber) ever into South Africa of this wonderfull product,made and distributed under the brand name of Superform,which is made to the strictest production criteria and meets CE levels,it is also from a renewable source.The glue line is a phenolic resin and is fully waterproof,prooven over many years in the various boats we have seen it used in.
Superform bending plywood is sold in three thicknesses,3mm 5mm and 8mm and with the grain direction going in either long or short ways,so use it either for making columns with the long grain,or curved counter fronts with the short grain? Fixing instructions and use ideas may be found on our web site,one end use is architectural,either as concrete moulds or external roof soffits, for this application,we would recomend that the ply is first treated by a vacume process first,either PCP (clear) sprit based or TT (green) water based solutions,depending on the end use,technical data sheets are available on request,we can arrange treating for customers.

Retail Distributors in South Africa and some other countries are invited to contact me.


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