Sunday, 11 May 2008

North Sails Cape Town

When we cost our sail boat designs as a kit,we invariably ask our local North Sails loft to quote on a set of sails too,they will normally come up with a quote in 24 hours,with production based on the size of the order and their own work load but a few weeks normally sees our sails order made and collected.We can only sell North Sails to those who buy our kits,its a licence thing,we can also supply you after you have recieved and built your boat kit,this can save on cash flow but will add on to the shipping charges,so worth thinking about. North Sails,Cape Town, are super cost effective,we know this having shopped around for other alternatives,either from other lofts and even as pre cut kits,the bottom line just keeps coming down to the fact that its no more costly to place your order through CKD to order your sails.Any sails made by our local North Sails loft carries their global 12 month warrenty,so service by their other lofts is assured.


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