Saturday, 24 May 2008

Floating About (time)

This tender,its a local GSM 'Duckling' glass reinforced design and is hanging on the back of a Dix 43 made from wood/epoxy,the yacht is now eight years old but the tender will be heading for twenty five years now?The addition of the 135mm diameter inflated tubes means the tender is very much more stable,it is also nice when you come along side yours or anothers boat,as its built in fender.The tubes on this boat are inflated by a single end fitting,you just pump the tubes up with an inflator every so often. We can offer the same type float tubes,alloy bolt rope track,fasteners and fender washers as a kit.All we need from you is the length of each side of the tender and a template of the bow shape,prices will depend on the size of your dinghy of course,the tubes can be in white,grey and red also,we can ship world wide.


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