Wednesday 27 April 2022

Tysons of Dryden Street, Liverpool 5, an update

 Peter Tyson was one of the sons of Mr Tyson, he had a brother named Leslie.

Mr Leslie, his training was as a bricklayer.

I had virtually no contact with Leslie but there was some contact with Peter , the last was when I wrote to him from Salvador, Bahia, Brasil and explained that I had just sailed there on a 38ft wooden sail boat from Cape Town, South Africa and was about to leave, this time flying North.

Mr Peter is on the right, his wife is center, the contract was the River Thames flood barrier.

I was asking about employment? he replied, the end of his letter said " My advice to you is to keep on sailing! " we never met again and on my return to the UK I found employment in Shepperton Film Studios and as an interior designer with DK Shop Fitters.

That was just about it, then recently I received a mail from Peters daughter Penny, she had found my blog on Tysons and introduced herself.

We shared mails and one of them from Penny included a picture of a Tysons mug and a coaster.

I asked were there any spare and if so may I have one?

Penny mailed me  and one of each has been posted to me and today!

This is a remarkably kind offer and I will treasure the mug and coaster making a space in my display cabinet here in my office.

I think that Peter himself used this coaster?

This has been a remarkable event for myself.


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