Saturday, 15 May 2021

Sailing starter boat, the Optimist

 We started a five boat order for the Knysna Yacht Club, as we got into the design and building a test hull to prove the dimensions worked we had three more orders by the time we got CNC cutting.

This one is Stuarts and it was shipped all the way to the USA like many others have since we did the Knysna YC order here in South Africa.

This is our builders jig which can be used more than once.

A typical Optimist Dinghy kit order,

A packed kit, we use a steel banded crate for extra security when being shipped.

Another one of our kits, this one was for a South African customer.

Please contact me for the Optimist kit boat details, we do the North Sail and a Harken deck gear kit when required.


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