Thursday, 5 March 2020

An Argie 15 kit from CKD Boats

We cut and sell many boat designs, plans also , one of the most popular is the Argie 15 by Dudley Dix.

We can also supply the epoxy for RSA residents, glass tapes also.

North Sails and Ronstan deck fittings are a popular addition to the base plywood kit.

This Argie 15 was built here in the Cape Town area and was from one of our plywood kits.

All of the boats posted here are from CKD Boats.

 This one was built in Hout Bay by Alan.

Nick built his Argie 15 near Noordhoek in the Cape Town area.

Jaap built his Argie 15 where he lives on the East coast of South Africa.

I would like to thank Justin for including the design on his SA Yacht blog, please view the pages to see more on the Argie 15.

Please contact me for prices and shipping information which we can handle Worldwide.

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