Saturday, 5 January 2019

British Seagull runs again

This engine is the 102 series and dates to around 1962/63, the series was first introduced in 1931?

It has the Villiers coil and also the gear disengage option.

The Amal 2 jet carburetor had to be imported for this restoration.

Given that the engine runs a petrol (unleaded) to 2 stroke oil mix of 10:1  it was pleasing to see that when dry run on the bench there was very little smoke.

Made from parts that I have in stock, this motor sort of came from my store shelves, it has since been sold.

It has been wet tested .

Most of the engines chromed parts were taken to be re chromed, what parts that can be replaced such as the throttle cable were changed from stock parts.

I have a smaller 4hp Seagull Century series engine here that dates to 1961 / 62, it has very  few hours on it, was used in fresh water on the Vaal Dam in South Africa  and is for sale, either as it is or restored.


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