Monday, 16 April 2018

Viola 14 car topper

Designed to be light and fast!

The idea of the Viola 14 is to mesh an easy to transport canoe planform with the stability and planing speed of a racing dinghy hullshape

It is meant to appeal to dinghy sailors that are tired of lugging big heavy boats around and find the RS Aero just too expensive. It has three rigs for sailors of different weights and genders. We make the sails at very reasonable prices.

The boat has participated in the Dorestad RAID in the Netherlands where it proved to be one of the fastest boats and surprisingly for a virtually open canoe it was able to keep going when the bigger boats were not and decided to pull into shore.

It is 75lbs stitch and glue and comes from four sheets of 4mm ply. Quite a lot of filleting is used so the timber list is much smaller than many similar boats.

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