Tuesday 7 March 2017

Tan dacron head sails for sale

I have two, new and never used, one has not even been removed from its sail bag.

The picture is not of one of those on offer but shows the tan colour of the sails when in the sunlight.

They are suitable for a yacht around 45 to 50 feet long.

Contact me for dimensions and pricing.


Now posted on Gumtree.

There are two tan dacron sails, never used, one has never even been taken out of its carry bag.

one is a number one yankee and sized Luff x 15mtr Leech x 9.50 mtr, Foot x 8.40 mtrs

Cost R12,000.

The other is smaller and also a yankee cut.

Sized Luff 12 mtrs , Leech 7.6 mtrs, Foot 6.71 mtrs

Cost R9000.

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