Tuesday 28 February 2017

B and G Auto Pilot and Network controls and repeaters

Many in stock and part of my own source of spares as collected over the time I owned my own yacht.

Please contact me for details and prices etc. shipping World wide is fine.

These are in the special housing I made and never used.

The compass has a loose side pin and needs fixing.

Now on Gumtree so there is lots of interest.

ACP1 pilot, there is an ACP2 circuit board also.

The Hornet 4 and Hecta depth are the Rolls Royce of such systems.

Two Network pilot controls.

Other repeaters are also in stock.

The original Network pilot with a booster circuit box and control.

ACP1, still one of the best pilots made.

Contact me for info.

Please note I do not have spare MHU ( mast head units) they can be bought from the agents.
All of the systems shown can be serviced when required by the B&G service agents.


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  1. Hello, i have a b and g system stopped working I need a apc1, network piolt, gps plus 12 can you help