Tuesday 16 August 2016

The Perkins 4108 marine diesel rebuild

This engine was bought in as a project, there was no time frame and no end use for it, no customer either.

It was one of those things I had wanted to do, rebuild a diesel engine.

Check those timing marks.

The CAV diesel pump was fully rebuilt, the picture shows it full of clean diesel fuel I am in the process of setting the timing marks here.

The engine was started with the water cooling and heat exchanger removed, this gives much better access to the injectors and the pump.

Check the exhaust smoke, the engine is running!

Later and with the water cooling system fitted, check the flywheel, the engine has some speed on it here.

As the new piston rings bedded in the exhaust smoke stopped, check the flywheel, its spinning at about 2000 rpm, with the water cooling fitted the engine was run a good while.

Will I do another Perkins 4108 diesel ?

One, I have no second engine and two it will be to a customers order next time, this one has been sold.


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